We aquired the allotment early part of 2010 and i did very little work to it. Managed to do a small amount of de-weeding but didnt plant any crops. This year we got stuck into it and started work on it in the spring.
allotment before planting

This was how it was at the beginning of the work, i had hired a rotavator from the allotment society and managed to get it looking reasonable.

We intend to grow the usual crops for an allotment, for example potatoes, cabbages , cauliflower and beetroot

The next stage was to dig it over and ‘try’ to remove all of the roots for the weeds – a major task.

Using afterthought and doing much more research i have discovered that a rotavator is not the best method. This chops up the weed roots and if you are not careful you have multiplied the number of weeds in the plot.
The recomended method is to use something to chop this down to ground level (Strimmer) , remove the chopped down tops and burn them then you can see what you are doing in terms of the digging. Then dig and remove all of the roots.
So did i follow my own advice – of course not . I used the method of digging over a small area deweeding as best i could and then planting .
I ran out of time as the season progressed so the bottom end of the  garden did not get the care it needed.
The result can be seen below :
weeds at the bottom of the garden in our allotment

As you can see the area at the bottom of the garden is covered in weeds, each time i go to the garden i try to chop some down but i cant avoid the fact that that area will have to be dug over and deweeded the way it should have been done in the first place.
I am planning to dig the rest over in the next few weeks (this is being written at the beginning of August 2011) and then will plant some green manure crops in that area (see details here of green manure)

Then with a bit of luck next years tasks will be easy !

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